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The Village of Jermiadon (Tzermiadon) belongs to the municipality of Lasithi Plateau and is built at an altitude of 850 m facing the mountain range Dikti. It is located 70 km from Heraklion, 30 km from Malia (which is the closest beach) and 50 km from Agios Nicolaos. Visitors from Heraklion (west) may follow the northern road axis and turn to the right at the intersection to Mohos. Otherwise, visitors may choose the bypass road, again from the northern road axis, when reaching Hersonisos turn to the right towards Potamies and follow the route Potamies, Aposelemis Dam, Krasi, Kera, Lasithi Plateau. 

Visitors from Agios Nicolaos (east) may follow the route Mesa Lakonia, Exo Potamoi, Mesa Potamoi, Drasi, and so on. Alternatively, they may follow the route crossing Malia and turning to the left at the corresponding intersection. In that case the route is as follows: Malia, Krasi, Kera, Lasithi Plateau. Our guest house is located at the top of the village (north) and is built on the mountainside.