In cooperation with experienced mountain guides, teams are organized for hiking, climbing and exploring the surrounding areas:


  • Path Ε4,
  • Mountain range Dikti,
  • Nisimou and
  • Limnakarou plateaus,
  • Minoan settlement
  • Karfi,
  • Xayga gorge,
  • Water reservoir a.o.


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In cooperation with local farmers and stock breeders you can visit their farms or folds and, depending on the season, you can attend or participate in their work:


Sowing, sheep shearing, cheese making, harvesting


During October & November visit the local raki distillation cauldrons, become part of the villagers’ company and enjoy delicious appetizers, plenty of raki and traditional music by local amateur musicians!!!


During the summer months there are a lot of festivals on the occasion of local Holy Monasteries and temples:


  • August 15 Holy Monastery of Crystalenia
  • August 6 Afentis Christos
  • August 28 St. Ioannis Kambitis


Also during summer, there are organized various festivals dedicated to local products. For example the zucchini festival in Avraconte and the xefounia (baking) festival in Kato Metohi, while the leading one is the potato festival in Jermiadon, carried out the first weekend after the celebrations for Mother Mary in August.

In parallel, several music evenings and concerts are carried out in the villages’ squares and tavernas, while runners from all over Crete meet at the Diktaion games carried out every summer in Psyhro (25 km course including all villages around the Lasithi plain).